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Why Install Landscape Lighting? 
Grasshopper Landscape Lighting Services
Maintaining Your Lighting for Optimal Use
As homeowners we can appreciate the appeal and value of a professionally installed landscape, yet are you aware that although different from what is visible during the day, the evening beauty of your landscape can be equally as compelling? Outdoor landscape lighting can bring this hidden beauty to life. Barring the sconce on the porch, flood light above the garage and the obligatory pole light, the aesthetic and functional value of landscape lighting systems remains undiscovered by the majority of today's homeowners.
During our initial consultation, we will discuss various lighting effects, types of light, fixtures and system control options which will bring about your vision with light. A detailed proposal will follow describing the selected fixtures, their purpose and locations; as well as transformer size, location and control method. 
We want your system to continue to be as beautiful, functional and efficient as it was when installed. For every system we install or service, we offer a comprehensive maintenance program. Your yearly visit will include:
*Replacement of all lamps due at that time for change out
*Cleaning of all reflective surfaces and lenses
*Adjustment and or re aiming of the fixture
*Minor pruning of vegetation for better illumination
*Burial of any exposed cable

During the service, we will make recommendations based on changes to the landscape. Perhaps the ornamental tree with two up lights has grown sufficiently to require three? Or the addition of a patio, wall or fire pit requires path lighting or added down lighting?

With the recent advancements in LED lighting, we are now able to offer replacement LED lamps as well as integrated LED fixtures. The extended lamp life and lower wattage consumption help in revitalizing older systems.